What is your “coming out to the parents” story?
I suppose I had a fairly easy run in that I fell in love when I was 20 years old, and my partner, who’s still my partner, was very presentable -- good-looking, successful, charming -- and so it was kind of easy for them to be able to identify the whole thing within the context of a relationship. I was very afraid particularly of coming out to my father. My mother knew first, which is often the case, and I said to her, “If he ever asks you, you must tell him the truth.” My father had remarried, and his new wife said, “I think Tony is in a relationship with this person, and it’s not just a friendship,” and my father rang my mother for confirmation and she said yes, it was the case, and he said, “Why didn’t he tell me?” And she said, “He was afraid of your response, because you hadn’t exactly been encouraging on the subject of gay people.” And he immediately picked up the phone and there was a message on my answering machine saying, “This is your father. I want you to know that I know about your relationship and that I love you and I want you to call me as soon as possible.” So it was rather heartwarming, and I must say my relationship with my father and my mother, particularly my father, has become extremely close, and certainly coming out enabled us to become closer.

Do you have an idea for a second feature yet?
Yes, I’ve got a number of projects that I’m juggling at the moment -- some that have been sent to me as a result of people seeing Skin, some things that I’ve been developing for a long time. We’re sort of waiting to see what happens with the U.S. release, because if the film does well, things should move along more quickly. We’re starting with 30 prints in 15 cities. If the film takes off, it will expand to 60, 120, and so on. I feel that Skin could certainly appeal to a very, very broad audience.

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