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A SINGLE MAN NICOLAS HOULTX390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COMFord has said in the past that he wanted to have children but Richard did not. “I think Richard was right,” he says now. “I’m not so sure I would have wanted to create a child and inflict the world we live in on him or her.” What if his parents had felt the same way? “I’m not so sure I wouldn’t have been happier never existing,” he says quietly. “I’m not so sure at all. Of course, if I had never existed, I wouldn’t know.” Those frown lines he is still able to summon crease his brow at such a thought. But then he wanly smiles. “I’m not so sure I’m glad I was born,” he whispers. “I’m not so sure.”

But he is careful to add, “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. After I left Gucci I was in that deep depression. And now I can truthfully say that I’m happy. But that said, life is hard and can be so isolating. That is the theme of A Single Man that struck me so, and I exaggerated that theme in the film—the isolation one can feel in one’s life. But the most important thing that George says—and the thing that has proved the most valuable to me in my life, as I get older—is that ability to connect. That is the one thing I live for, to connect.”

With homes around the world, Ford says, with more certainty than he’s said anything today, he is happiest “anywhere Richard and my dogs are. If I knew it were the last day of my life, one of the things I’d miss the most would be burying my face in the neck of my dog. Maybe it’s worth being alive just to be able to do that one simple thing. But I guess if you pin me down to a location, I’d have to say on my ranch. New Mexico. Santa Fe.”

Ford was quoted as saying he never feared death until he began work on this film and that he was afraid of dying before it was complete. “That’s completely true,” he says. “Because this film is so important to me—not only the message of this movie, but because I was putting so much of my soul into it. When I die no one will look at any of my fashion collections and get any true sense of me. But they can watch this movie and know what I was about.” 

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