Jason Schwartzman: Crazy Like a Fox

The Bored to Death and Fantastic Mr. Fox star shares his self-deprecating views on sexuality, style, and surviving high school.



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Yes, congrats on your summer marriage to clothing designer Brady Cunningham. More and more celebrities have come out in support of marriage equality by declaring that they won’t marry until everyone can legally marry, but I guess you didn’t get that memo.
See? I feel like I don’t know a lot of what’s happening in the world, so I have to get better about that. But you know who married me? Jonathan Ames. He got ordained through the Universal Life Church.

Has there been any amusing confusion over the fact that your wife’s name, Brady, is traditionally a boy’s name?
[Laughs] No, not yet, but I’m always up for confusion. The last thing I want is for everything to be normal.

Then you must not mind gay rumors.
Oh, are there really rumors about me? That’s fine if there are. What can I do about it? Like I said, I enjoy confusion and fear normalcy.

What are your thoughts on the Hollywood closet?
First of all, I’ve never worked with anyone I knew to be in the closet. I have a lot of gay friends, but no one’s ever hidden it from me. Listen, I don’t know the point of life, but I do know it feels best in those moments you’re really living. I’ve been the unhappiest when I feel closed off out of fear. Everyone — gay, not gay, closet, or walk-in closet — should have the life they deserve. Don’t make your life any smaller than it should be.

If nothing else, Jason, I hope our little chat has bolstered your self-esteem and made you better aware of your gay fans.
Thanks, because I’m not aware of any fans. I do nothing to live in secrecy, but I really don’t get recognized anywhere. Though I was walking my dog recently when someone yelled, “Hey, Jason!” They said it so sweetly that I turned around and said, “Hey!” Then they said, “Fuck you, you asshole!” and drove away.

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