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ANTHONY HOPKINS 2 X390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COMYou’ve been working on the film Thor. A few weeks ago one of the New York papers published an item in a gossip column saying that you were complaining about Chris Hemsworth, the young actor who stars in the film, a rumor you’ve denied. Would you care to clear up this rumor once and for all?
I never, never, never …don’t get me started! This thing is with my lawyers. That son of a bitch, whoever he was in New York. I’ve talked to Chris Hemsworth and the Marvel people, and I’ve got nothing else to say about that. I like working with young actors. I love this young kid and Omar [Metwally] who’s in [The City of Your Final Destination]. They’re terrific young actors. They came on set and knew their stuff, and that’s all that’s really required. I think working with young actors is terrific. It’s wonderful for old fogies like me.

I believe you. When you work with young actors do you ever offer any advice?
How could I offer them advice? They all know what they’re doing. I’m very relaxed on set with everyone because here is a room of people intimidated by me. I’ve got nothing to be intimidated by. I really protest that piece of crap in the paper. I’m a very friendly actor. I never mess with anyone. I’m always on time. I’m very professional and I love working with actors.

I’ve read you’re a big fan of American Idol, and in another interview you joked that you want to play Simon Cowell in a film.
That was all nonsense. My wife and I watch American Idol, and we actually went to a taping once. We went to see the finals and I met Simon Cowell briefly. I think he’s a kind of entertaining character because people either love him or hate him. He’s very astute. He’s a very bright man, a very clever man. I like watching those reality things because I think they are very fun.

Would you ever consider sitting at the Idol judges’ table?
I don’t think I would be very qualified to do that. I don’t know much about that kind of music. I know how to appreciate it. I do have the knowledge, but that’s not my business. Those people know their business, they know what they’re looking for, what they hear. I know what I like, but I don’t have a clue about analyzing it.

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