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How did your friends react?
I had a close group of friends that turned on me because I made the film. I started acting when I was 9 and even before I played Trevor, I would get teased for going to auditions, because I wasn’t out playing baseball. When Trevor came out there was more and more teasing and it got worse. It just spiraled. It’s not a good thing to deal with.

How did you handle the pressure?
I just wouldn’t talk to the people who were teasing me. I just stood away from the negativity. And there were always people who were supportive, as well.

What do you remember about the late Randy Stone, who produced the film?
Randy was a really great guy. I met him on the second call back and he offered me the part. The next time I met him was when we were in California shooting the film. He told my mother the film was going to win an Oscar. Everyone was like, “What are you talking about?” We hadn’t even filmed it yet. But he said, “Brett’s going to give an amazing performance and the movie is going to be really good and win an Oscar.” My mother laughed it off. Then we got a phone call a few months later saying it had been nominated. Randy was always supportive. Actually a week before he passed away I reconnected with him by e-mail and then found out a week later he’d died. It was horrible.

Did you pursue an acting career after the film?
Yes, I’m still trying here and there. I’ve done a lot of voiceovers. I did a voice in Grand Theft Auto Four. It’s hard to audition with a family. It’s like gambling to get on a bus, go to an audition for 10 minutes. Sometimes you’ll hear something and sometimes you don’t hear anything at all.

You're married with two daughters. What would you say if one of them told you she's gay?
I would absolutely accept it. I love my daughters very much and I’m there 100 % for them. I’d tell them to be careful and stay open-minded. People will say things you won’t like but don’t listen to them. There’s always something better than what they’re saying.

How does it feel to have been involved in a project that has such an enduring legacy?
I feel that if Trevor helped one person not commit suicide then I did my job. There are so many people who use The Trevor Project. It’s really important. In the last few weeks it’s become more apparent. No kids should go through what these kids have gone through. They need to understand that there are other people out there like them and know that there are people out there for them and they can get the support they need.

Watch Barsky's "It Gets Better" video below.

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