Jason Sudeikis: Sudeikis & Tell

Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis brags about bumping mustaches with Jon Hamm and tasting Zac Efron’s foot.



Are there or have there ever been other gay cast members who just aren’t out?
Uh… not that I know of. I could throw out a couple of names for fun, but I genuinely can’t think of anyone.

One of the characters you voice on The Cleveland Show, Terry Kimple, will come out as gay in a February episode and fall for another gay character voiced by Justin Timberlake. When this news broke back in August, the headlines were usually some variation of “Justin Timberlake Goes Gay for Jason Sudeikis.”
[Laughs] Yeah, I caught that. I saw him at SNL when he came for the first episode of this season, and we hadn’t seen each other since we had recorded that episode, so I was like, “Hey, my gay boyfriend!” Then we shared a tender embrace. When I first heard they were getting Timberlake to play Terry’s love interest, I was like, “Perfect! Terry should be so lucky.”

Is this a one-episode crush, or will Terry continue to be gay?
I believe he’s going to be gay from now on, but it won’t dominate the storylines. It’s almost like when Ellen came out in “The Puppy Episode,” but then it became something that was just part of the character.

Do you have a dude-crush?
Is Kim Kardashian a dude? Can we just put a mustache on her? [Laughs] You know who I love every time I see him perform? Denis O’Hare. He’s just fantastic. But just to keep it in the Mad Men universe, I’m going to go with John Slattery. He’s a cool dude, he cracks me up, and his wife kicks ass.

SNL stars have had varying success breaking into movies. As you await the release of your two biggest film roles to date in Hall Pass and this summer’s Horrible Bosses, do you feel any pressure to be the next Will Ferrell?
No, there’s no pressure there. I had a really good time making both those movies, I hope people like them, and it’s out of my control now. It is weird — I hate saying that because actors always overuse that word to describe their career — but right now it’s all just potential. Lucky for me, I’ve got an awesome job at SNL and a great group of friends and coworkers to take my mind off of that, so I don’t feel like all my eggs are in those baskets. My folks get a kick out of it, though. When my dad, my sister, and I went to see True Grit over the holidays, there was this big poster of Owen and me up in the theater, and they got a bigger bang out of it than I did. And when I was walking with Bill Hader after work the other night, we saw the giant 40-foot billboard of Owen and me in Times Square, and I was like, “Oh, look at that.” Well, it’s of Owen, and I’m popping up over his shoulder, which is totally fine.

The funniest men on SNL haven’t always been the most conventionally handsome, but you’ve emerged as the handsome guy who dates hot chicks. Have your looks helped or hindered your comedy career?
That question is way too complimentary. Yes, the girls I’ve dated have been super-pretty, and that I can tell you objectively. But for whatever reason, even when I look my absolute best, I just don’t like looking at myself, and I certainly felt that way before I did this stuff for a living. I don’t mean to sound overly modest, because I totally get what you’re getting at, but there’s a part of me that thinks, Am I handsome? I don’t know. I’m not James Franco, for God’s sake. Listen, I’m just glad I have all my hair at this point.

So was the unnamed inside source in that recent US Weekly item correct? Did you really do a BluePrint cleanse because you felt puffy next to January Jones [his former girlfriend] in photos?
That whole thing was kind of fucked up, because it made me look like a spokesperson. I tried it the week after I came back from Kansas City, where I’d spent my birthday and gorged so much barbeque and beer. I bought it for five days, but I only lasted three. The reason [Us Weekly] said I did it was a little goofy, but yes, I’ve done it.

By the way, I miss you and Kristen Wiig as the “Two A-Holes.” Please bring them back.
I appreciate that. I assume Kristen gets that as much as I do, and I’m always flattered that people still remember those characters. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough room for them on SNL because there are so many real a-holes out there to poke fun at.
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