Introducing Omar Sharif Jr. 



OMAR SHARIF JR. TWO X390Much of your family, including your grandfather, is there, right?
Yes, they live in Cairo. I was just there over Christmas and New Years. My dad comes back to visit often. The situation fortunately is stabilizing. Egyptians really are the friendliest people, the most fun-loving people. Our historical sites are second to none, our beaches are beautiful. Just the splendor of landscape. I hope at the end of the day moderation and rationality win and that stability and civility ensue, and it looks like that’s the direction we’re heading in.

Back to you for a final question — where do you hope your career goes from here?

It’s such a strange question. In the Middle East I was in a couple television shows and films. Now, coming to the West, it’s tough to say. Like I said, I learned English watching The Bold and the Beautiful… my life could go pretty full circle if I ended up on something like that, but all my roles previously were comedic, and hopefully it keeps going in that direction.

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