Our First Gay Crushes



The first time we saw the Born This Way blog, it was definitely an "aha" moment. Paul V. had figured out a fun way to share the essence of nostalgia, pride, and humor of early childhood for LGBT people; whether we slowly figured it out or knew from the moment we were zygotes, being gay is simply instinctive. But last week Paul launched an offshoot blog, My First Gay Crush. Once we heard, we couldn't help but play along in the office.

Here are our -- the staff of The Advocate -- first same-sex crushes. We kept it to celebrities and notable people just to prevent any cringe-worthy blast-from-the-past Facebook messages. Share your first gay crush below. 


Scott McPherson, Creative Director
Mike Vitar as Benny "the Jet" Rodriguez, The Sandlot) — Picture it, 1993, what prepubescent gay boy wasn't obsessed with The Sandlot? I certainly was. And it wasn't because the main character shared my name, his discovery of the true meaning of friendship, or the killer gorilla dog behind the fence. It was because of Benny "the Jet" Rodriguez, the cool new kid that everyone admired and who could run faster than an Olympian in his brand new PF Flyers. Swoon!


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