Kellan Lutz: Kellan Me Softly

The Twilight heartthrob opens up about being worshipped.



KELLAN LUTZ CK AD XLRG (FAIR) | ADVOCATE.COM What about your shirtless photo shoots? It seems like you’d have more control over those.
Yeah, I have to be conscious of that too. I’ve done a lot of photo shoots lately for the press coming up with Immortals and Breaking Dawn, and every photographer wants to get the topless shot. We’ve really had to be choosy and not do that for every magazine. I’ve actually been trying to keep my clothes on more.

This wouldn’t be an issue if you just got really fat for a role.
Hey, I would love that. It would be so fun to lose weight or gain weight to play a role that’s so outside of me.

There are paparazzi shots of you and your Twilight costar Peter Facinelli holding hands, which showed a sense of humor about your public image.
Oh, it’s funny. Peter’s great to look up to. He’s like a father figure to me. He’s young, but he’s been in this industry for a long time, so it’s great to go to him for counsel. What do they call Peter and I — Pellan? Pellan for life!

Do you not worry about gay rumors?
I don’t Google myself, but I’ve heard that people think I’m gay. I’ve heard it all. See, I don’t really go after girls. Most of the girlfriends I’ve had have come after me. So it’s really funny when girls get offended because I don’t hit on them. They’ll transform their insecurity into, “Oh, that makes sense, because I heard you’re into guys and have a boyfriend.” I’m like, “Seriously? That’s your tactic to get me to like you?” There will always be rumors, but I know who I am.

Director Bill Condon brought his wonderful gay sensibility to films like Dreamgirls, Kinsey, and Gods and Monsters. Taking over the Twilight saga for its final installments, has he brought a gay sensibility or gay undertones to Breaking Dawn?
Oh, definitely. I mean, there’s a lot more skin, first of all. It’s for a more mature audience. Our audience has grown up with us, and we have to grow along with them. The original high school fans are in college now, and they want to see more skin. Bill has Taylor Lautner topless all the time, so there’s some great eye-candy. Bill did such an amazing job, and it was so much fun to work with him.

But would it have killed him to sneak in a gay vampire or a gay werewolf?
We have so many cast members in the movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the characters was gay and I just didn’t know it. I’d be all for it.

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