Juno Temple: Talk



Juno Temple as Danielle in Abe Sylvia's film DIRTY GIRL x390 | ADVOCATE.COM What message does Dirty Girl have for kids who are being bullied?
I think the moral of the movie is to not judge a book by its cover and to have friendships that allow you to blossom and be who you are. I love the relationship between Clarke and Danielle so much because they go on such a journey together. They listen to each other and care for one another. They really change and nurture each other. He teaches her about family and in the end she learns to appreciate her mom, which she hadn’t done. And let’s be honest moms are the great people in the world. It blows my mind to see what other kids can find to bully other kids about. It’s just ridiculous what humanity does sometimes. I think this movie sends out a message to just be who you are. Not everyone’s going to like it, but some people will and it will rock your world.

You’ve been in a lot of films with gay and lesbian content. Is it just a coincidence or are you drawn to films about marginalized people?
I think it’s not a coincidence. I’m drawn to those characters, but it’s not something I seek out. I think people should be whatever they want to be. That some people are punished or tortured for being gay is just baffling to me. I have no qualms about playing someone like that. I’m so proud to have gay people in my life. If you can be out and proud, it’s a magical thing. I’d take any role like that if it’s a good character and I think I can play it. Love is love. You can’t help whom you fall in love with.

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