Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s Complicated Lesbian Wedding

The former Sopranos star opens up about her new gay-themed romantic drama, why she wanted to play a lesbian, and what she’d love to do with her best friend Lance Bass.



Many straight women get crushes on their gay male friends. Has that ever happened to you?
Strangely enough it hasn’t. I have a ton of gay male friends and all of them are incredibly good looking but, funny enough, no. I’ve been able to keep it strictly platonic with them.

Your good friend Lance Bass’ documentary, Mississippi: I Am, is also playing at OutFest this year. The climate for gay male celebrities certainly has evolved since Lance came out in 2006. Did he seek your advice at all prior to making that announcement?
It was a process he needed to go through. I don’t really want to speak for him, but from my side-as his friend-we were all so respectful of how he needed to go through things. I think it was very unfortunate that others felt they needed to out him first. I think it’s very unfair, especially coming from other gay men who know that sometimes it can be a difficult thing. I think it was selfish of other people to feel that Lance owed it to them. Obviously, everything has worked out fine but it hurt me to see that it was difficult for him that other people went about things the way that they did.

Is he a happier now that he is publicly out?
Absolutely, a veil was lifted. He’s such a light and now he can share it with everybody else and I think that’s fantastic.

You and Lance have both appeared on Broadway [Sigler in Beauty and the Beast, Bass in Hairspray]. Would you be interested in doing a musical with Lance?
Oh my God, that would be a dream! I would love to do a musical again and especially if he was part of it.  We would have the best time ever.


I Do screens at L.A.’s Ford Amphitheatre tonight at 8:30 p.m. For more information go to Outfest.org. Watch the trailer below.

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