Jordin Sparks: What She Learned From Whitney

The American Idol champ discusses her new musical Sparkle, her first visit to a gay bar, and the cautionary tale of Whitney Houston.



There’s a YouTube video of your first visit to a gay bar.
[Laughs] Yes! Oh, my God!

When did you first become aware that you have a lot of gay fans?
I think I was always knew that I did, but I never had the opportunity to spend time with them and see them. I had so much fun that night. I’d never seen a drag show and their makeup was so fierce! [Laughs] I was having the best time. I was in drama club in high school and that was the first time I was around people who were gay and Ilovedthem. The leader of the club was named Eric and on weekends he was Sapphire St. Regis and it was the best thing ever. He was so sweet.

Are there still a lot of gay people in your life?
Members of my band are gay and members of my family are gay, as well. So I’ve always enjoyed being friends with them and hanging around them because they’re just like everyone else. I had no idea they love my music so much until I performed at the Factory [a gay club in Los Angeles] and it was wall-to-wall packed. It was amazing to see. Now with this movie, I had no idea it was such a cult classic. I know that Whitney is just huge and everybody loves her. For me to be a part of this it gives me an opportunity to show this movie to my amazing gay fans. I’m so excited for them to see it with both of us in it. But back to that gay bar, it was so much fun. They gave us shots in those little tubes. [Laughs] I went with my hairdresser who has been in a relationship with his partner for eleven years and we just had a blast.

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