Jordin Sparks: What She Learned From Whitney

The American Idol champ discusses her new musical Sparkle, her first visit to a gay bar, and the cautionary tale of Whitney Houston.



This film has potential to reach two very different demographics. The religious community will enjoy the gospel music in it, and it will also draw your and Whitney’s LGBT fans.
It’s amazing to see a story that can reach so many different people. You have the faith-based group and Whitney and I both grew up in the church. You have the music and the fans who want to see the musical side of it. And there will also be people who want to see the film just because Whitney passed. There’s the younger generation who will get to experience Whitney for the first time and people who are longtime fans who will want to see her. I’ll probably gain new fans too. There will be people of all religions, all races, and all orientations. I make music for everyone and now I make movies for everyone. [Laughs] That’s so awesome to say.

Do you plan to continue acting and balance film and music careers?
I’m going to try. My goal is to be really good at singing and really good at acting. I’m actually filming another movie called The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete. Jennifer Hudson and Geoffrey Wright are in it and Alicia Keyes is one of the producers. There’s no music in it. I just play an Afro-Latina from the Bronx I’m also recording new music. Sparkle has given me the opportunity to show my fans a new side. I’ve always wanted to do light R&B. I’m going for early Mariah, early Whitney. This movie has opened the door for me to try new things.

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