James Franco Gets Inspired by Cruising

With his new "homo-sex-art-film," the always intriguing actor teams with director Travis Mathews to pay homage to the controversial 1980 thriller.

BY Heath Daniels

August 22 2012 1:08 PM ET

This project came about really quickly. In July you posted on your website that you would be collaborating with James Franco on a “homo-sex-art-film.”  James Franco’s Cruising is premiering in September. How did you crank this out so quickly?
I don’t think either of us has slept.

Where will the film premiere?
In New York during Fashion Week. A feature-length version will be playing festivals next year.

Your recent projects, In Their Room, I Want Your Love, and now James Franco’s Cruising, have all focused on gay men, naturalistic storytelling, and graphic scenes of sexuality. Are these themes that you will continue to explore?
I need to finish editing In Their Room-London. I would like to continue that series as long as I can. I want to go to some less obvious places where gayness and masculinity are different from what I regularly see and experience. But I think I’m almost done with graphic sexuality. I just don’t want to get bored or pigeonholed with it. There’s so much that can still be said with sex, but I don’t want to make a career of it.

You just directed a film with an Academy Award nominee.  Is this your first step toward a more mainstream career?
God, I hope not.

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