Four Films That Tackle the Greatest Taboo



Sister My Sister (1994): This intense British thriller, starring a young Joely Richardson and Jodhi May is directed by Nancy Meckler and written by Wendy Kesselman (based on her play My Sister in This House) — and all that estrogen power behind and in front of the camera pays off in what is a beautifully chilling film about violence, desire, and repression. Based on a real incident in France in the 1930s (Google "the Papin murders"), the movie is the third and perhaps best film to tackle the case. In it, Christine (Richardson) and her sister Lea (May) are maids who are oppressed by their wealthy employer and have only each other to rely on, and their bond goes far beyond simple sisterhood. As the eroticism grows between them, the tension and repressed rage between them and their employer leads to murder.  


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