Gay Author Celebrates James Bond Just in Time for Skyfall

Author Mark O'Connell thinks gays have plenty of reason to celebrate 007.




Have you found other gay Bond fans in your life?
I have encountered many a gay Bond fan, and they are introducing themselves to me through the book, which is great. There are a myriad of reasons why homosexual moths steer toward the 007 flame. Shirley Bassey, Ken Adam-designed apartments some of us would quite gladly turn to prostitution in order to own, Tom Ford tailoring, Daniel Craig sporting Ursula Andress’s second-hand skimpies, and enough bombastic brass and disco synths to power the dance floors of San Francisco for a whole decade. As lazy feminists try to attack the films for being sexist — sexy is never the same as sexist — they fail to note how these films are also custom-made for women and gay men. Everyone is thrown a bone, so to speak. There is always a great deal of effort and style thrown into a Bond film. Come on, the gays love a show.

Does your partner love Bond the way you do?
As we all did, my partner grew up with Bond films being an event on the TV, but he had never seen one in a movie theater. Shocking, I know. Angelina [Jolie] has flown to Africa for less. I swiftly broke his theatrical cherry with an early morning trip to see Die Another Day. And had he not fortuitously gone to the bathroom at the ghastly point Brosnan infamously ice-surfed, we would not be still together 10 years later.

Any big plans for Skyfall?
Skyfall? Are they doing another one? With Roger? Seriously, I am literally counting the days until the sky falls in on me. I’m contemplating organizing a 007-themed fancy-dress trip to the cinema with friends. Can a white boy from England get away with a Grace Jones headpiece and cape? It’s the golden anniversary, after all. Early word on Skyfall is electric and the caliber of creativity involved — director Sam Mendes of American Beauty and Road To Perdition, cinematographer Roger Deakins of True Grit, tunesmith Thomas Newman, an interstellar cast, and Eon Productions at the helm — suggest Skyfall is a perfect and potentially classic way to mark 50 years of Bond. I certainly think the 007 bosses are quietly proud of it.

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