28 Sexy (Movie) Men in Uniform

The recent release of two DVD/Blu-rays that offer up sexy men in uniform (see below for which ones) inspired us to come up with this master list of nearly 30 of our favorite movie men.



Val Kilmer in Top Gun (1986)
If you were me in the mid-80s, you could care less about Tom Cruise and instead focused all your attention while watching Top Gun on the Ice Man himself: Val Kilmer, who had homoerotic face-offs with Cruise in the film, had a sidekick, Slider (played by Rick Rossovich) that seemed more like a boyfriend. The duo had a shirtless, abs-ahoy volleyball scene that was so popular the Internet is filled with the search phrase "Was Ice Man gay?" (Don't fight it fans, he was, but it was back before the military integrated gays.) In one fight scene (oh, FYI, the guys are all at the Navy's "top gun" academy to train to be fighter pilots), Kilmer tells Rossovich, "This is turning me on." Slider says, "Don't tease me." Sure it was sarcasm, if you believe that. I took it at face value. The 3D Blu-ray version was released last month.

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