9 Great New Scary Movies With LGBT Themes

From the first transgender horror film (though it may not know it) to gay subtext in a cannibal flick, here are several movies to see now.


  UPDATED: April 26 2013 1:17 PM ET

Errors of the Human Body
Written and directed by Eron Sheenan, Errors of the Human Body, which opened in theaters this week, is on the surface about Canadian geneticist Geoff Burton, a researcher who relocates to the harsh landscape of Dresden, Germany, after his infant son has died of a rare viral genetic mutation and his wife has left him. Burton, played by Michael Eklund (who is spot on as a man in decline), is there to work on a groundbreaking project, a human regenerative gene called the Easter gene. A creepy medical thriller meets thinky sci-fi, Errors offers (and needs) very little gore. It is about more than just a man battling his own demons. It's a disturbing and upsetting take on the personal and ethical horrors of modern genetic engineering, vacillating quite often and disturbingly between real science and science fiction.

Adding to the atmosphere is the fact that the film was shot on location at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Germany, which delivers a disconcertingly "real" feel of a scientific-based story that's both alienating and compelling in its vision. The film asks the questions, uneasily, about how much people should be able to control and what we're allowed to transform ourselves and the world around us. And reading between the lines, it's also about what lengths we can go to in order to become or remain parents. The film is slowly, quietly chilling and Eklund gives one of the year's best performances.


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