Which LGBT Icon Deserves a Biopic?

The Advocate asked the filmmakers at Outfest who their fantasy LGBT film subject might be — as well as who they would cast as the lead.



Harry Hay, played by Peter Sarsgaard
“I'd love to direct a biopic about Harry Hay. His founding of the Mattachine Society is most certainly one of the seminal events in modern queer history, directly influencing the gay rights movement as we know it today. Without his work as a pioneer in this arena, I question whether we would be where we are today. He was a complex and controversial figure, but to co-opt and modify the Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quote: ‘Well-behaved queers seldom make history.’ I think Peter Sarsgaard might be an interesting choice to play Harry.”

— Andrew Putschoegl, the director of BFFs, is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and photographer specializing in experimental silent films about the Amish.

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