Which LGBT Icon Deserves a Biopic?

The Advocate asked the filmmakers at Outfest who their fantasy LGBT film subject might be — as well as who they would cast as the lead.



Jesus Christ, played by Lee Pace
“According to Paul Verhoeven's book Jesus of Nazareth, about the historical Jesus, the son of God and Lazarus may have been gay lovers. There is a theory that Lazarus was an insurrectionary who was captured and tortured by the Romans, and when, close to death, he made his way back home to his spiritual leader, Jesus nursed him back to health, hence the myth of Lazarus being brought back from the dead. It would make an epic love story. “

— Bruce LaBruce is a Toronto-based filmmaker, photographer, writer, and artist. His latest films, Gerontophilia and Pierrot Lunaire, debuted at the Venice Film Festival and the Berlinale, respectively. 

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