Which LGBT Icon Deserves a Biopic?

The Advocate asked the filmmakers at Outfest who their fantasy LGBT film subject might be — as well as who they would cast as the lead.



Bayard Rustin, played by Dwight Ewell
“I would love to make a movie about Bayard Rustin, who helped Martin Luther-King embrace nonviolence and was set to be one the leading lights of the civil rights movement, until his homosexuality made him ‘too risky’ a figurehead. I would love to play him myself, but Dwight Ewell from Stonewall, Chasing Amy, and Punks would probably be better.”

— Rikki Beadle-Blair is proud to have directed and/or written many gay features including Stonewall, Blackbird, Fit, Bashment, and KickOff. He is the winner of two Outfest awards, and his new film, Free, is playing in the festival this year.

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