What Is Gay About the AFI Fest This Year
November 01 2012 1:30 AM ET

What's Gay About This Year's AFI Fest

Nazly Siadate

With a lesbian romantic comedy, a transgender love story, and many more films of interest, the AFI Fest offers much for LGBT audiences this year.

WATCH Trailer for Chris Colfer's Struck By Lightning
October 31 2012 5:23 PM ET

WATCH: Official Trailer for Chris Colfer's 'Struck By Lightning'

Sunnivie Brydum

Out actor Chris Colfer, best known as Glee's Kurt Hummel, is trying his hand at screenwriting with his debut film, in which he also stars, called

October 31 2012 2:16 PM ET

Vampires Gay Men Love

Kickstarter Campaign Gives Gay Hustler Film A Second Chance
October 27 2012 5:12 AM ET

A Campaign To Restore Gay Hustler Film

Daniel Reynolds

Lambasted on its release, the 1967 film Portrait of Jason gets a restoration, and newfound appreciation.

October 26 2012 4:49 PM ET

20 Sexy Sorcerers Gay Men Love

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