Dustin Lance Black The Power of Dreaming
May 21 2012 2:17 PM ET

Dustin Lance Black: The Power of Dreaming

Jeremy Kinser

The activist-writer discusses the new movie he directed, what Obama’s support of marriage equality means to young people in the South, and plans for a film version of his play 8.

Colin Firth Will Portray Noel Coward In Film Bio
May 20 2012 12:02 PM ET

Colin Firth Will Portray Noel Coward In Film Bio

Jeremy Kinser

Academy Award-winning actor Colin Firth will star as gay actor-singer-writer Noel Coward in an upcoming film titles Mad Dogs and Englishmen.

The First Digital Revolution Lesbian Directed Hysteria Hits Theaters
May 18 2012 11:24 AM ET May 19 2012 1:53 PM ET

The First Digital Revolution: Lesbian-Directed 'Hysteria' Hits Theaters

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Despite not having any out LGBT characters in the film, the sentiment Hysteria makes it feel like it belongs in squarely the lesbian cinema cannon.

Will Smith Calls Obamas Support of Marriage Equality Brave
May 15 2012 10:40 AM ET

Will Smith Calls Obama's Support of Marriage Equality 'Brave'

Jeremy Kinser

Actor Will Smith supports President Obama's stance on marriage equality and says it was "brave" of the president to speak out in favor of the issue during an election year.

WATCH Josh Hutcherson Accepts GLAAD Award
April 23 2012 7:02 PM ET

WATCH: Josh Hutcherson's Proudest Moment? Accepting GLAAD Award

Jeremy Kinser

Josh Hutcherson says he's never been more proud in his life than being honored by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation with its Vanguard award Saturday night.

That Sound Your Hear is the Apocalypse
April 19 2012 1:46 PM ET

That Sound You Hear Is the Apocalypse

Lucas Grindley

A well-known organ composer wrote music inspired by Christianity. Decades later a documentary filmmaker decided to see what happened when nonbelievers heard it.

Stars in Our Eyes TCMs Big Night
April 16 2012 12:40 PM ET

 Stars in Our Eyes: TCM's Big Night

Advocate.com Editors

A restored version of Cabaret launched the TCM Classic Film fest, and stars — both young and legendary — were there to help celebrate.