The Passionate Life of Charlotte Bunch
December 23 2011 4:58 PM ET

The Passionate Life of Charlotte Bunch

Allison Steinberg

On the dawn of what may be the next activist Age of Aquarius, it’s important to look back at the roots of our movement to pay tribute to those who sowed the seeds. Charlotte Bunch is one such cultivator, and a new documentary expertly illuminates how the lifelong feminist activist has employed an ethos of passionate politics as her raison d'être, pouring her heart and soul into helping to carve equal pathways for women and LGBT people.You don’t have to look far to get insight into the imprint that Bunch has made on our collective history and the groundwork she’s laid for shaping our future. Filmmaker Tami Gold’s visual résumé of Bunch’s many touchstones, Passionate Politics: The Life and Work of Charlotte Bunch, the subject’s activism is skillfully interwoven with the very human story of her coming-to-be as central player in the movements that shaped the world in which we live today. The new hour-long documentary traverses the five decades of seemingly tireless efforts by Bunch as she globe-treks to educate and empower women and LGBT people.“The local and global are always different dimensions of the same struggle,” Bunch says in the film. “I try to change the conditions that are affecting our lives.” Gold’s film follows Bunch as she visits a women’s shelter in Peru; attends a protest following the murder of a butch lesbian in South Africa who was stoned to death just steps from her home; and goes to the United Nations to lobby leaders to protect these minority groups on an international level. The film reveals Bunch’s intimate involvement with the genesis of the feminist and LGBT rights movements and her equally present savvy all around the world.Bunch was the first female fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, a Washington, D.C., think tank. When she wasn’t taken seriously at Washington roundtables because of her gender, she made what would be the first of many bold moves in her lifetime and started the first official women’s think tank. In arguably the second boldest move of Bunch’s life, she left her husband for one Rita Mae Brown (you may know her as the author of the quintessential lesbian novel Rubyfruit Jungle or the woman who also nudged Martina Navratilova out of the closet) and thus began her life as a lesbian — an identity that would continue to guide and inspire her work. 

Margaret OBrien Remembers Judy Garland and Meet Me In St Louis
December 13 2011 4:00 AM ET

Margaret O'Brien Remembers Judy Garland and  

Jeremy Kinser

The Oscar-winning actress recalls her best-loved film, Meet Me in St. Louis; her relationship with Judy Garland; and how she avoided the pitfalls of child stardom.

Human Rights Filmfest Opens in India
December 07 2011 6:01 PM ET

Human Rights Filmfest Opens in India

Trudy Ring

The Flashpoint Human Rights Film Festival features movies from around the globe dealing with LGBT rights and other social issues.

How Black Told the Real Story of J Edgar Hoover
December 07 2011 3:50 PM ET

How Black Told the Real Story of J. Edgar Hoover Editors

Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black tells NPR about writing the real story of the former FBI director.

Come to Jesus With Mangus Star Heather Matarazzo
December 03 2011 5:35 AM ET

Come to Jesus With Star Heather Matarazzo

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Actress Heather Matarazzo talks about her new film, Mangus!

The Flesh and the Spirit
November 23 2011 12:57 AM ET

The Flesh and the Spirit

Advocate Contributors

Actor Mark Cirillo discusses playing a closeted gay evangelical in the provocative new film The Seminarian.

Is Barbies New Man Ellen DeGeneres?
November 22 2011 1:55 PM ET

Is Barbie's New Man Ellen DeGeneres?

Diane Anderson-Minshall

The iconic doll has a new fairy secret.

Two Spirit Documentary Breaks PBS Records
November 19 2011 12:00 PM ET

Documentary Breaks PBS Records

Diane Anderson-Minshall

The Native American documentary Two Spirits, now out on DVD, broke PBS records earlier this year.

Dustin Lance Black: Hoover is the Dark Side of Milk
November 14 2011 11:21 AM ET

Dustin Lance Black: Hoover Is the Dark Side of Milk

Jeremy Kinser

After deservedly winning the Academy Award for his screenplay for Milk and delivering a galvanizing acceptance speech, Black has directed a film, Virginia; is currently working on two screenplays; and is a founding member of the American foundation for Equal Rights, which is leading the federal case against California's discriminatory Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage.

Roland Emmerich Post Apocalypse
October 21 2011 3:00 AM ET

Roland Emmerich: Post Apocalypse

Ari Karpel

The gay director behind Hollywood’s greatest disaster blockbusters in recent memory takes a 180-degree turn with the new Shakespearean thriller Anonymous and reveals himself to be more than the sum of his movies.

Balls of Fury Inside Underground LGBT Culture
October 18 2011 3:00 AM ET

Balls of Fury: Inside Underground LGBT Culture 

Jeremy Kinser

Twenty years after the landmark documentary Paris Is Burning, three new films examine the enduring appeal of underground LGBT culture.

Kellan Me Softly
October 18 2011 3:00 AM ET

Kellan Lutz: Kellan Me Softly

Brandon Voss

The Twilight heartthrob opens up about being worshipped.

Chris New: Weekend Update
October 14 2011 5:00 AM ET

Chris New: Weekend Update  

Brandon Voss

Out actor Chris New makes his big-screen debut in Weekend, out British filmmaker Andrew Haigh’s festival favorite about two gay men who meet at a London nightclub and spend the next 48 hours having sex, sharing their stories, and baring their souls.