Bruce LaBruce on the Censoring of his Film

LaBruce on Censoring

Bruce LaBruce, the art film provocateur director of Hustler White and Otto; or, Up with Dead People, explains why being censored isn’t the worst thing for a filmmaker.

When Bears Attack

When Bears Attack

Out actors, horny extras, and dirty jocks keep the fur flying as we visit the set of Outfest selection BearCity, a romantic comedy set in the bear scene, on the last day of filming in New York City.

Love Is All Around

Love Is All Around

Actor Nicholas Downs and writer-director J.C. Calciano putting a new spin on the gay romantic comedy in the Outfest selection Is It Just Me?

Not Your Average Joe

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Not Your Average Joe

The Inception star recalls Mysterious Skin, relives his landmark gay kiss on That ’70s Show and reasons with rumors about his own sexual orientation.

Meat Packer

David Sigal: Meat Packer

Director David Sigal serves up a starry, spicy slice of New York’s LGBT history in his Outfest selection Florent: Queen of the Meat Market.

No Shrinking Violet

Mindy Cohn: No Shrinking Violet

Now starring in Violet Tendencies, the Facts of Life alum gives us just the facts, ma’am, on why she’s earned the right to call herself a “fag hag.”

Don Bachardy Depth Perception

Don Bachardy: Depth Perception

The accomplished artist who inspired A Single Man discusses Tom Ford’s film version of the classic novel, his prolific painting career, and why Liza Minnelli was miscast as Sally Bowles.

A Changeling for Love

A Changeling for Love

In I Am Love, her first film as a credited producer, Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton stars as a wealthy housewife blindsided by a passion that threatens to destroy her carefully cultivated existence.

Joan Rivers Better Work

Joan Rivers Better Work

Thanks to Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, rapt audiences are learning that there’s a lot more to Joan Rivers than E! red carpet critiques, QVC jewelry, and plastic surgery punch lines.

Focus on Propostion 8

Focus on Propostion 8

Award-winning filmmaker Reed Cowan discusses his personal struggle and the true stories that shaped his new documentary, 8: The Mormon Proposition.

Stonewall Riot Girl

Kate Davis: Stonewall Riot Girl

With husband and filmmaking partner David Heilbroner, celebrated documentarian Kate Davis tackles the ugly truth about the Stonewall riots in Stonewall Uprising. Why? Ask her ex-girlfriend.

Sex and the Celebrities

and the Celebrities

Stars of yesterday (Bo Derek, Suzanne Somers), today (Gabourey Sidibe, Noah Mills) and always (Liza Minnelli, Johnny Weir) align at the premiere of Sex and the City 2.

Michael Patrick King: 'Sex' Rehab

Michael Patrick King: Sex Rehab

Michael Patrick King, writer, director, and producer of Sex and the City 2, lifts the veil on his Middle Eastern-flavored sequel, his TV comeback, and his very own Mr. Big.