10 LGBT X-Men

With X-Men: Days of Future Past currently blowing up at the box office, we take a look at some of our favorite LGBT X-Gene carriers.



One of the first gay mutants, Northstar made headlines worldwide with his marriage to Kyle Jindau in 2012. While his bravado and ego sometime outshine his heroics, the Canadian mutant is a force to be reckoned with. Since tying the knot with Kyle, Northstar has both fought valiantly alongside other mutants and helped to build his own celebrity media empire.


Daken: It’s not easy being the son of Wolverine. The deadly spawn of Logan not only has his father’s healing abilities but can also give off pheromones to manipulate others. This has allowed Daken to corner numerous partners in the bedrooms. Tragically, the bisexual Daken turned to crime and murder, which led to an inevitable fatal encounter with Dad.

Benjamin Deeds: Deeds is one of the most recent X-Men to come out as gay, having exhibited powers during a pro-mutant rally on his college campus. He’s since been recruited to the team by Emma Frost and Magik, and his chameleon-like skills should come in handy for espionage and undercover missions.

Ultimate Colossus:
An alternative version of the mainstream Russian mutant, this Colossus begins as a reluctant arms dealer but eventually joins the X-Men. After fighting numerous battles, Colossus forms a platonic friendship with the (still gay) Northstar. Unfortunately, this universe’s Nightcrawler is outwardly homophobic and hurtful toward Colossus, never creating the friendly bonds they form in the main Marvel universe.

James Howlett:
Another alternate universe mutant, this version of Wolverine lusted after the god Hercules. The pair travel throughout dimensions, hunting down evil Professor Xaviers. While their battles will seemingly never end, hopefully the duo will pop up again in future time travel series.