5 LGBT Characters We'd Love to See in a Justice League Movie

We choose five LGBT characters from the DC Universe that would add a much-needed dose of queer to our superhero movie-going experience.



Shining Knight
The original Shining Knight first appeared in 1941, but the current incarnation of the character is true rarity in comics – an intersex superhero. The current Shining Knight, known also as Sir Yestin, first appeared in the comic series Demon Knights in 2011.

Why this hero?
It would be wonderful to see a modern, positive intersex hero on the silver screen, one who isn’t confused or tormented by their identity. While this version of Shining Knight battles evil in medieval times, it would be fairly easy to bring the hero into the modern age – much like the former version of the character that existed in our modern times. Also, the Shining Knight wields a blade that can both cut through almost anything and is resistant to magical attacks. For a powerhouse like Superman, who has well-known weaknesses to magic, this ability would be key. Also, the Shining Knight rides a flying horse. How cool would it be to see a winged horse soaring across the screen in 3D?

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