Queer-Casting the Next X-Men Movie

We pick 10 LGBT characters who are ready to make their big-screen debut in the upcoming X-Men sequel, plus the actors who could easily slip into their boots.



Character: Karma
The Vietnamese-born Karma, with the ability to possess another person’s mind, first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1980 and has been kicking around the X-World ever since. She’s an out lesbian with a fierce inner strength. She once gained 300 pounds while she was possessed by the Shadow King and not only defeated him but lost all the weight on her own. That takes determination. Also, it would be great to have another telepathic character on the screen alongside Jean Grey and Professor X.

Dream Casting: Olivia Munn
Munn has the beauty and the geek cred. She hosted the geektastic Attack of the Show! and has cosplayed as both Wonder Woman and Slave Leia. She’s got the sass and the strength to pull off Karma. Also she’s been branching out into the acting world for a while now, starring in movies like Magic Mike and serious TV shows such as HBO’s The Newsroom.

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