Queer-Casting the Next X-Men Movie

We pick 10 LGBT characters who are ready to make their big-screen debut in the upcoming X-Men sequel, plus the actors who could easily slip into their boots.



Character: Anole
The green-hued, lizard-like mutant might not be in the forefront of any X-Team, but he’s still one of the few queer teenagers currently kicking around the mutant world. He’s determined to be a hero and works hard to be the best he can be while never losing his playfulness and youthful vigor. Imagine him as a sidekick to Wolverine. They would be a perfect yin-and-yang buddy cop–type duo for the X-Men.

Dream Casting: Dylan O’Brien
As Stiles, O’Brien is the cute, funny sidekick and best friend of Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) in MTV’s Teen Wolf.  He would nail the goofy side of Anole. O’Brien’s showed his acting range as he played an evil version of himself wrecking havoc on his friends in last Teen Wolf’s third season, making it clear he’s got the got the chops. O’Brien can bring both the drama and the clever comedic one-liners.

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