Hot Sheet: Kiss Me, Kylie

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: A story about the boy next door, the pop return of Kylie Minogue, and lesbian-themed drama Kiss Me.


  UPDATED: October 09 2014 2:31 PM ET

Above: Duchamp as Rose Sélavy, Rauchenberg, Cunningham, Cage, and Johns

7. ART: “Dancing Around the Bride”
The Philadelphia Museum of Art explores Marcel Duchamp’s interactions and collaborations with two culturally significant gay couples: visual artists Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, and composer John Cage and dancer-choreographer Merce Cunningham. The show, which opened this week and runs through January 21, includes more than 40 Duchamp works, more than 60 by Johns and Rauschenberg, live and recorded performances of Cage’s music, and live performances of dances created by Cunningham as well as dance videos and stage sets. The exhibition “tells the story of five extraordinary artists and what happened when their lives and work intersected,” says curator Carlos Basualdo. “Their mutual interactions redefined the language of contemporary art in the 1950s and ’60s.”

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