Hot Sheet: The Perks of Being Volatile

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: One of last year's best movies for LGBT audiences comes to DVD, plus a pop star sure to get your attention.



9. DVD: Luna Park
Luna Park is the home away from home for the stars of a popular porn studio, leading to the inevitably raunchy roommate dramas that accompany well-hung boys baring all. But when actress turned producer Alexia's mute brother, Christi, begins managing the building, he takes to hiding in the closet (metaphor alert!) to view his own personal peep shows. When his sister discovers her little brother's spying, she sends her minion Maxwell to remedy the situation … but Maxwell finds himself enamored of the silent boy. Of course, in the land of skiing and sin, nothing is out of bounds. Explore Luna Park starting Tuesday on DVD from Aztrical Entertainment.

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