Hot Sheet: Great and Powerful

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: James Franco sends us to the movies, a gay country star has a new album, and SXSW gets queer.



1. FILM: Oz: The Great and Powerful
Dust off them ruby slippers and and join the other friends of Dorothy this weekend as Oz: The Great and Powerful sweeps into town like a twister! If you’re hesitant to skip down the yellow brick road again here are some reasons to get your Glinda on: It stars James Franco as Oz, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz play the three sexy witch sisters, and there are some fierce flying monkeys! Though there’s no Judy in this prequel, and Idina Menzel isn’t defying gravity, the special effects and camera friendly cast are well worth this journey back to the Emerald City. See the preview below.

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