Hot Sheet: To Be Experienced

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: Andy Dick returns to TV and promises "fun," Justin Timberlake returns to music and promises an "experience."



1. FILM: K-11
Script supervisor Jules Stewart's directorial debut is a brutal, unflinching fictionalized look into the real-life dormitory reserved for gay men and transgender women inside Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail, formerly known as K-11. Stewart is a seasoned script supervisor who has Hollywood connections that go back three decades — and yes, she's the mother of Twilight darling Kristen Stewart, and her brother Cameron, both of whom have cameos in K-11, the film. But despite the big names in small roles, the film's true star is Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo, who plays the ferocious, beautiful, and brutal self-proclaimed queen of the dorm, Mousey. The fast-paced, gripping thriller also features stellar performances from its supporting cast, including ER's Goran Visnjic as the literal and figurative "straight man," record producer Raymond Saxx who finds himself in K-11 after a drug-addled bender in Hollywood. Clerks star Jason Mewes is convincing as the man on the inside to D.B. Sweeney's sniveling, detestable corrupt cop, Sgt. Johnson. The film is vicious and visceral, grabbing viewers from the opening scenes and refusing to let go until the closing credits. Brilliant performances from the ensemble cast make this film a must-see, but the convincing performances also call for a trigger warning for those who have issues watching instances of rape or sexual violence. The scenes aren't graphic, but they are powerful and affecting. Stewart's K-11 hits theaters today, and is also available On Demand. Watch the trailer below.

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