Hot Sheet: Rent Mode

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: Rent Boy is now a musical term, the girl who got away is finally back, and it's lucky 13 for Depeche Mode.



4. DVD: Bob's New Suit
In Alan Howard’s new film, Bob’s New Suit, the narrator is in fact a talking suit (yes, you read that right), and while it has its fair share of typical family drama, the storyline of the daughter who comes out and transitions into a man will be of particular interest to LGBT viewers. At times the film can become overdramatic, and the reason the narrator has to be a piece of clothing is never really explained, but the handling of the transgender story is enough to make Bob’s New Suit a well-tailored family affair. Even better: Howard, the former lead critic for Hollywood Reporter and an exec for Columbia Pictures, makes his queer film directorial debut at age 69 with the film, which includes a couple of favorite actors (butchy supermodel Jenny Shimizu femmes it up and her trans partner is played by Third Rock from the Sun's Shay Astar, who's return to the screen is a thrill). Bob’s New Suit opens today in theaters and is available on DVD Tuesday.

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