Hot Sheet: Cruising the All-American Boy

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights on our gaydar this week: From young love gone awry to leather sex and murder, we have it covered.



1. DVD: Cruising

If you are one of the many headed to Outfest next week to see the brilliantly provocative gay film from James Franco and Travis Matthews, Interior. Leather Bar, which is supposed to be a re-creation of the 40 minutes of gay S/M footage that was rumored to be cut out of William Friedkin's 1980 film Cruising in order to avoid an X rating for the Al Pacino vehicle, it's time to watch the original. Now on DVD from Warner Archives on MOD (manufactured on demand) DVD, Cruising was a very controversial psycho-thriller in which Pacino is a naive rookie cop thrown into the "rough trade" scene to catch a serial killer. Director Friedkin has reportedly said that the 40 minutes that were cut to appease the MPAA censors (he went to the board 50 times to get the film approved) were graphic depictions of sexual activity, with Pacino's character observing and the hint that he was joining in. The DVD includes two featurettes, titled The History of Cruisin' and Exorcising Cruising, the latter of which is about the controversy the film provoked, as some activists criticized it at the time as a negative portrayal of gay life. Queer theorists have debated Cruising since it came out 33 years ago, with many modern LGBT pundits finding value in the film (which was widely supported by gay leather and BDSM enthusiasts, with many of them appearing as extras in the movie).

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