Hot Sheet: Ursa Major

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights on our gaydar this week: From bears to Smurfs to Bette Davis.



7. BOOK: Just Queer Folks: Gender and Sexuality in Rural America
Think LGBT folks were limited to mostly urban environments in the first half of the twentieth century? Think again. Colin Johnson’s new book, Just Queer Folks: Gender and Sexuality in Rural America (Temple University Press) explores the seldom-discussed history of same-sex intimacy and gender nonconformity in rural and small-town America during a period when the concept of homosexuality was just being formed. Instead of focusing on “identity,” Johnson takes a queer historicist approach, and finds “a startlingly unruly rural past in which small-town eccentrics, 'mannish' farm women, and cross-dressing Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees were often just queer folks so far as their neighbors were concerned.” The book wonderfully dispels a lot of stereotypes, including the notion that queer history is always urban history.

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