Hot Sheet: Smacking James Franco Around Some

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights on our gaydar this week: Franco's on fire, and the Vagina Fairy left something under your pillow.



3. DVD: I Do
It's amazing what a difference a court case makes. Glenn Gaylord's tender, touching drama I Do, about the heart-wrenching restrictions the so-called Defense of Marriage Act placed on loving gay couples, takes on a newly poignant tone in today's post-DOMA world. Writer and star David W. Ross turns in a nuanced, relatable performance as Jack, a gay Brit living in New York and helping to raise his niece with his sister-in-law Mya (Alicia Witt) after his brother — Mya's husband — is killed in an accident. After Jack has been in the States nearly a decade, his visa is unexpectedly denied, but he's unwilling to leave his family — and his newfound love interest, Spanish-born U.S. citizen Mano (Maurice Compte). Although Mano is eager to make Jack an honest man and get legally married in New York, Jack's immigration attorney sadly explains that even if the men were married, the federal government won't recognize them as such, thanks to DOMA. That's when Jack's best friend, a lesbian free spirit named Ali (played to perfection by Jamie Lynn Sigler), steps in and agrees to marry Jack to secure him a green card. But as too many couples know all too well, navigating the immigration system is fraught with peril, confusion, and heartache. Will Jack be able to stay near the family he's helped build? Will his marriage of convenience to Ali hold up, and will their friendship survive? And finally, what will become of Jack and Mano, who are so clearly, painfully in love the viewer's heart breaks each time they say goodbye? Find out for yourself when I Do comes to DVD Tuesday from Breaking Glass Pictures.
Watch the trailer below:

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