Hot Sheet: Fund-Raisin' in the Sun

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights on our gaydar this week: from a beach fund-raiser for L.A.'s gay center to some powerful ladies — Madonna, Sheryl Crow, and Batwoman.



4. BOOKS: Love in the Time of Global Warming

Francesca Lia Block (best-selling author of Weetzie Bat) continues her frank, nonjudgmental examination of themes such as casual sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity in her latest novel, Love in the Time of Global Warming — a stunning reimagining of Homer's Odyssey, set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The official synopsis of the novel reads as follows: "Her life by the sea in ruins, Pen has lost everything in the Earth Shaker that all but destroyed the city of Los Angeles. She sets out into the wasteland to search for her family, her journey guided by a tattered copy of Homer’s Odyssey. Soon she begins to realize her own abilities and strength as she faces false promises of safety, the cloned giants who feast on humans, and a madman who wishes her dead. On her voyage, Pen learns to tell stories that reflect her strange visions, while she and her fellow survivors navigate the dangers that lie in wait. In her signature style, Francesca Lia Block has created a world that is beautiful in its destruction and as frightening as it is lovely. At the helm is Pen, a strong heroine who holds hope and love in her hands and refuses to be defeated." Available at


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