Hot Sheet: Cher Your Love

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights on our gaydar this week: Cher, serial killers, ballroom dancing, and Matt Damon's Speedo.



7. FILM: The Colony
If you were one of the people who fell in love with supersexy Kevin Zegers this year, you’ll be happy to know he’s back, in the creepy new post-apocalyptic thriller The Colony. Zegers, you might recall, plays the gay kid on Mortal Instruments (producers have promised his character will get even gayer as the series goes on, as in the books). Here he’s a hunky but het guy in a remote underground outpost who gets a distress call from another settlement. When he sets out with Laurence Fishburne’s leader character, Sam, to find what they think is salvation, they — and the folks left behind — learn more than they bargained for about human nature.

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