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The top 10 entertainment and events highlights on our gaydar this week: From The 3 Bits, to robot sex, to Queen.



6. MUSIC: Luscious Jackson, Magic Hour
There was a period of time in the 1990s when you couldn’t go a day without hearing Luscious Jackson’s smash hit, “Naked Eye.” The band graced the cover of major lesbian magazines and had legion of queer girl fans, but even more compelling were the celebrity rockers — like Debbie Harry — who showed up at their New York concerts. Drummer Kate Schellenbach, who was drummer for the Beastie Boys before forming the band, reached Joan Jett-levels of adoration from gay girls. Her relationship with The Breeders’ Josepine Wiggs landed the duo on the cover of The Advocate in 1997 under the banner “Rock’s New Revolution”). Legions of fans were crushed when the band broke up, or in LJ terms, took an 11-year hiatus, coming back together two years ago to work on their new album on their own label, City Song. Magic Hour, out Nov. 5, is the all-female band’s fourth album and their first full-length offering since Electric Honey came out in 1997 (one of the songs on it skyrocketed to fame after appearing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Magic Hour features Shellenbach and two of the three original founders Jill Cunniff (still a fine songwriter and lead vocalist) and kick-ass guitarist Gabby Glaser doing the kind of music only they can do and I’m sure their fans — many now in middle age — will be competing with teens to download the album first. —Diane Anderson-Minshall

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