Hot Sheet: Interior Decoration

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week range from the proper Downton Abbey to James Franco's very improper Interior. Leather Bar.



2. TELEVISION: Downton Abbey, Fourth Season Premiere
The third season of Downton Abbey, Masterpiece Theater's elaborate period soap opera on the last golden days of the British aristocracy, was heavy with tragedy. The fourth series — as the Brits put it —  looks a bit lighter; call it "Sex and the Manor." Ladies Mary and Edith, sisters and rivals, are finding themselves through work and suitors, including one played byTom Cullen, who brought to life the passionate, thoughtful, and sexy Russell in the now-classic gay film Weekend. I guess his character getting together with Downton's perpetually miserable footman Thomas is too much to hope for, but we'll still be glued to the screen when the season begins Sunday night on PBS. — Neal Broverman

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