Hot Sheet: Here's Looking at You

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week range from Looking's San Francisco treats to high school queen bees and their G.B.F.s



1. TV: Looking
Is it gays' answer to Girls? Or maybe more like a gender-flipped L Word? Many a hefty think piece has been written about Looking in the weeks leading up to its premiere, Sunday at 10:30 p.m., so expectations are naturally huge. HBO is pairing this San Francisco-set dramedy about three gay men looking for love with Girls, amping up the pressure for it to be a cultural sensation like the Lena Dunham comedy. Working in the show's favor: newly bulked-up musical theater favorite Jonathan Groff (Spring Awakening) in the lead as Patrick, a 29-year-old video game designer with relationship issues -- namely, that he can't find or keep one. Also a positive: the involvement of creator Andrew Haigh, whose 2011 film Weekend was a critical sensation. Working against it? Well, the enormous expectations of LGBT audiences, who hope the show will be neither afraid of its characters' sexuality nor fall into stereotypes, which means the program will be walking a tightrope. Even the show's tagline, "Find Something Real," seems to be taunting us with a different kind of gaycentric TV show. Here's hoping it manages to be everything we could ever want and more. Kevin O'Keeffe

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