Hot Sheet: Let The Games Begin

It's finally here. Oh, and some other entertainment highlights this week — George Michael, vampires, you know, that kind of thing.




1. TV: The 2014 Winter Olympics

Will gay snowboarders and speed skaters get arrested for holding hands in the Olympic village? Will lesbian-adjacent Russian singers t.A.T.u. give us an awful earworm just like the ones they gave us with that ridiculously ubiquitous "All The Things She Said" song? Will a gay athlete have their Jesse Owens moment right in front of President Vlad? Will the opening ceremony be the most amazing Russian propaganda piece, greater than every bit of so-called gay propaganda combined? All we know is that everyone's eyes will be on Sochi for what promises to be an incredibly memorable games. The opening ceremony, broadcast on NBC Friday at 7:30 p.m., kicks off two weeks of figure skating, ski jumping, curling, and every other sport we all become obsessed with every four years. – Michelle Garcia

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