Hot Sheet: Sex Tips

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week — from sex tips for Girls to the teen struggles of Cal. Then there's Ethel Merman.



2. DVD: Cal
Directed by Christian Martin (Release), Cal is a sequel to his 2009 film Shank, which centers around a closeted teen trapped in a gang. After traveling in Europe, young protagonist Cal (Wayne Virgo) returns to his family in Bristol to discover the town in chaos. His mother is ill in the hospital, his aunt has become a lecherous drunk, and the economy has been ravaged by the global recession, making work nearly impossible to find. An attraction to another man complicates matters, as it throws him into the midst of a hostile world of drugs and prostitution. Beautifully shot and acted, Cal is a moving film about a hard kind of homecoming. It's released February 28 on DVD. Watch the trailer below. — Daniel Reynolds

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