Hot Sheet: Spiders and Mobsters and Pop Stars (Oh My!)

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include Robin Roberts, the New Jersey Symphony, Cam Gigandet, the Swedish siren Robyn, and that ‘amazing’ superhero who does whatever a spider can.



6. BOOK: Everybody’s Got Something, Robin Roberts
“Everybody’s got something.” That’s was Roberts’s mother would often say to her, to remind her that everyone has struggles – and it resonated with Roberts through her own struggles with breast cancer, a rare blood disorder, and, eventually, her mother’s death, all of which she recounts in this memoir, written with Veronica Chambers. The Good Morning America anchor, now in good health, also details the love and care she’s received from her partner, Amber Laign. Everybody’s Got Something is available now; buy at your local bookstore or order here. – Trudy Ring

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