Hot Sheet: GameBoys

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include Sam Smith, Clive Owen, and the terribly fit young athletes readying for the Gay Games.



2. FILM: The Dog
The Dog is a new documentary that recounts the incredible story of John Wojtowicz, a bisexual bank robber who is perhaps best known through the film Dog Day Afternoon, with Al Pacino starring in a fictionalized treatment of the robbery attempt that make Wojtowicz famous. The Dog, filmed over the course of 10 years, weaves archival footage with testimonies from Wojtowicz’s friends, who recount his infamous 1972 attempt to rob a Chase Manhattan bank in order to fund the gender-reassignment surgery of partner Liz Eden. The documentary also portrays Wojtowicz’s activism in the early days of the LGBT rights movement as well as the impact of Dog Day Afternoon on his life during and after his prison sentence. The Dog opens Friday in theaters. Watch the trailer below. — Daniel Reynolds