Hot Sheet: It's Ryan Time Again

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include Kwanten desires in True Blood, the Emmys, and always George Takei.



5. COMICS: The Multiversity
Visionary writer Grant Morrison combines his storytelling powers with the work of superstar artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado for the latest cosmos-spanning epic from DC Comics, The Multiversity. The nine-issue miniseries features unforgettable characters from 52 alternative Earths in the DC university, including the Justice League of Earth-23, which boasts a black Superman (who is also the president of the United States on that Earth as well as the leader of the League), a gay speedster named Red Racer, and the aboriginal Australian powerhouse Thunderer among its members. The League of Earth-23’s story will serve as bookends to six complete adventures in different parallel universes as the heroes from dimensions near and far battle one of the biggest threats the multiverse has ever known. — Jase Peeples