Hot Sheet: It's Ryan Time Again

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include Kwanten desires in True Blood, the Emmys, and always George Takei.



3.  FILM: Love Is Strange
John Lithgow and Alfred Molina play a long-term couple in a story that could come from today’s headlines. George (Molina), a teacher at a Catholic school, gets fired after he marries partner Ben (Lithgow). The couple’s loss of income means they have to sell their New York co-op apartment and split up temporarily, living with friends and family while they search for affordable housing. Directed and cowritten by Ira Sachs, it’s a heartrending drama leavened with bits of comedy, and the leads are superb, as is a supporting cast led by Marisa Tomei. “It’s a beautiful handling of an important subject,” says Lithgow, who spoke to The Advocate along with Molina and Sachs. Click here for the story, and below, watch the trailer for the film, which opens in New York and Los Angeles today and in other cities in the coming weeks. — Trudy Ring