Live Long and Prosper

One Star Trek fanatic's proverbial dreams come true when he's asked to play the lover of the captain of the starship Osiris in a new Trek fan series -- albeit one filmed in a 400-square-foot basement.




Inexpensive video
equipment and improved home video editing software have put
these kinds of projects within reach of just about anyone
wanting to express their inner George Lucas.

They pulled in their
friends to help. When those ran out, they turned to auditions,
pulling in some local professional and amateur actors to
volunteer for the completely nonprofit project (the only way
copyright owner Paramount will allow these series to be made).
After filming, Miller spent hours at his PC adding
computer-generated backgrounds, special effects, and space

From the day we did our
first read-through of the script, I knew this was going to be a
blast. My brownie decorated to look like the

(I ingratiate myself with new people through baked goods) was a
big hit, and everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic about
the show. It was like an old Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movie,
only instead of a big barn stage, we had a 400-square-foot bit
of basement.

A very green basement:
The walls and floor were covered in kelly green, and some other
set pieces were painted the same shade so effects could be
added later. There was one camera.

After some costume and
prop delays, I was one of the first to sit in front of that
camera. I'd been rehearsing my lines for weeks. So, of course,
I promptly messed them up. Blooper footage! And then I was
done. Other scenes went on, and I got to be the director's
slate guy -- "Scene 12, take 15 [

]!" Or I'd go back on days I wasn't filming just to hang
out with my new friends.