The Top 15 Gay(ish) Blogs

Gays are everywhere. Want proof? Politics (, pop culture (, and something for everyone (, The Advocate tracks down the 15 best gay(ish) blogs online.



TOP GAY BLOGS HUFFINGTON POST ILLUSTRATION Launched in 2005 by liberal columnist Ariana Huffington, The Huffington Post has quickly become a beacon of political news and analysis for the left. Star contributors have included Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore, and Alec Baldwin, and the site has become a sounding board for bloggers advocating marriage equality. The site draws nearly 9 million hits each month. Good as You's Jeremy Hooper has a higher threshold for ignorance than most. He is in constant contact with some of the most vitriolic people in the antigay movement, but he keeps his cool, and does it with a sense of humor each day on his blog. Movies, models, and men with hardly any clothing on. Oh la la indeed! The blog is written by real-life couple Stephane Marquet and Aleksandar Tomovic, who conceived of Oh La La Mag when they wanted an outlet for their fashion photography. A few years later, it's the first stop for several modeling agencies looking to get their clients a bit of exposure -- and love from the gay masses.